About us

F.L. Crooks & Co. Clothing & Shoe Store in Clarion, PaAt the turn of the century , Clarion presented a changing modern face to the world. Gone were the five-and-dime stores and many of the older family businesses. Often, sons and daughters did not care to take up the family trade. To  the Crooks family, it became apparent that retail clothing  sales had to change with the times.  Many of the same goods were now available everywhere  making serviceable work clothes and durable dress goods,  the family trade for decades, impractical to merchandise.  As old brands were made more accessible across the market,  quality was often compromised and original design was  scarce.Jim purchased the business in 1996, and  the building in 2000. Jim took his years of buying experience to the fashion  shows. Continually ahead of the game,  Jim brings new brands to our customers  ahead of the competition. Jim brought  only the highest quality and most fashion forward brands back. This is evident  throughout the store and new site.In 1998 the store took another leap. With the dawning of the world wide web, Jim’s oldest son Nathan saw opportunity. Nathan  started the store’s first website and online  store. Since that point F.L.Crooks has  continued its ventures in ecommerce. Now  as the internet playing field has changed  again, F.L. Crooks looked for a new  direction. We want to be your online  haberdashers - quality goods, style and, hometown service and commitment to excellence. So, enjoy the new face of  FLCROOKS.com.