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Growing up in the store as a kid, I knew this work was for me! I always enjoyed people
and enjoyed seeing my grandfather, JM Crooks, and my dad, Don, help men to look their best or find the perfect gift for a loved one. 

After college in 1974, I started full time in the store working with my dad in our family's clothing store. First, I was on the selling floor with the customer and then slowly assumed the buying function for the store.  The buying function and the customer service are interconnected, as you learn what to buy from what the customer is requesting. 

As the decision maker, it is an enormous advantage when you know why and for whom you bought a particular line. Whether it be Traditional-Classic-Updated-or Trendy, you always keep the customer in the top of your mind.

Today, I feel that I am a self-proclaimed expert in fit and fabrics.  I know how to measure you for a 'made to measure' suit and to recommend the correct fabric for the right situation.  It's great fun when you and I become designers--for you!

I am available to help you determine your correct size in all the different types of clothing and shoes you wear. I can help you tie a bow tie. Moreover, I can tell you the difference of the last of shoes--why one size fits you better than the same size in a different brand.  

I want to be of service so please don't hesitate to ask for me!  After a lifetime in Menswear--I should be able to give you the information that's 'spot-on' for you.